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We photograph weddings for the love story. How did you meet? Was it love at first sight? How did he/she purpose? What's your dream wedding look, feel and even taste like?

All of these questions and more, let us know more about the two of you and what really makes you happy and connected to one another. That connection is what we strive for in everything we do. 

Having a deep connection with you allows us to photograph you in a way that shows off who you really are as a couple and individuals. When you're comfortable in front of the camera because you're with a friend, the butterflies and nervousness melt away. 

We don't want to be just another vendor on your list but a friend, trusted advisor and a listening ear

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Our photography style is elegant, modern & natural. We are a clean-edit studio that preserves your wedding day the way it actually happen. You'll never find filters or strange colors in our work. Your wedding should never be an instagram filter, it should look and feel like YOU. 

Elegant:  romantic & artistic portraiture
Modern: current posing & advanced lighting techniques
Natural: relaxed & playful styling to keep you completely comfortable in front of the camera

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When you schedule your wedding consultation or want to stop in and chat, we’ll be meeting here, at my beautiful studio in downtown Mishawaka! Located on the second floor, our 2500 sq ft studio is multi-functional to serve you best.

We have a salon station where you’ll get your hair and makeup done for your engagement session. Our stylist is a fully licensed artist who will work with you to create a flawless look for your session.

Our consultation space is complete with a very comfy couch, Smart-TV and tons of sample albums and art pieces. You’ll be able to see and feel each product and know you’re selecting the right one for you. We’ll spend most of our time here with a little wine and great conversation.

 On the opposite side of the room is our shooting area where our equipment is kept and any indoor portraiture is done. There’s plenty of space so larger groups are no problem!

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owner/lead photographer


College Major:  Psych & pre-law
Favorite color: Fire engine red
Favorite food: French fries
Dog/Cat: DOG, DOG, DOG!!!
Worse fear: Bugs... I hate bugs
Worse job: Factory job 1 summer
City/Beach: City girl!
Abroad/Local: Always abroad
Superpower: Organization 
Best Halloween costume: bunch of grapes
Fun fact: I studied abroad in Europe



College Major: Teaching kindergarten
Favorite color: Royal purple
Favorite food: Rhubarb pie
Dog/Cat: DOGS!!!! Aways!
Worse fear: Not spending enough time with  loved ones
Worse job: Product set up in -10 degree weather
City/Beach: Beach, I can lay in the sun all day.
Abroad/Local: Local, I love Fort Wayne!
Superpower: Human Relations
Best Halloween costume: Crescent moon with stars
Fun fact: I once worked with the Budwiser Clydesdales in Tampa Florida!