Boudoir for real women.
Embrace your inner queen.


So often women feel like they need to lose a few pounds before they can do a boudoir session. From someone whose never been a small gal, I hear you. 

Sarah here! I’m a powdered donut addict with a passion for uplifting gorgeous Queens like yourself.

Using the proper styling with professional hair and makeup and outfits in our client closet, you'll start to feel more confident right away. Then I'll capture those gorgeous angles that accentuate all the right places and disguise the rest.

Finally, you'll see your images the very same day and be blown away by how amazing and sexy you really are. So let go, pour another glass, have a girls night, buy that cute outfit and most of all…embrace and love yourself!

Yes Queen!

Sarah Sage Photography is the premier boudoir studio in South Bend, Indiana. We photograph women that want to celebrate their unique beauty and feel comfortable in their own skin. All women, no matter their size, shape or gender are sexy and, with the right direction, that sexiness is captured in every frame.

Sarah Sage Photography welcomes the LGBTQ+ community.

Where Elegance Meets Fantasy


Get ready to feel like a celebrity when we roll out the red carpet for you during the entire boudoir session! Your VIP experience comes with our boudoir guide, professional hair and makeup, outfits from our client closet, personal styling and epic photo reveal! 

I'll be there every step of the way to guide you, encourage you and capture all those gorgeous moments that show off how amazing you are!

The Boudoir Experience

  4. LUNCH


Your 90-minute session includes photographer creative time, unlimited contact with photographer, professional hair and makeup, use of our client closet and styling recommendations. 


$450 (Images not included) You can select from our 3 photo collections or go completely A la' Carte. 

Session Fee

The session can be in your home, cute AirBNB, gorgeous hotel suite in the city, etc... The possibilities are endless!

Same or next day reveal session where you'll pick your favorite photographs and how you'd like them displayed. We offer heirloom albums, wall art, archival prints and digitals.  
**No minimum order**



This is the most popular question I get when it comes to planning your boudoir session. The answer is, anything that makes you feel AMAZING!

You'll have full use of our Client Closet! We provide our gals with multiple outfit options, from bra and panty sets, to teddies, to even more exotic options.  

*BONUS* When you book, you'll be given our 24 page boudoir guide that walks you through the whole process including choosing the right looks, what to expect during the session, photo prices and so much more!

What to Wear

1. White and black thongs to go on under outfits.
2. The lingerie outfit that you feel the sexiest in!
3. Accessories like shoes, jewelry and any items that are specific to your boudoir vision.

Always Bring:


"Sarah knew just how to pose me to show off my best assets and bring forward my true light."


"I was able to make a dream come true and do a boudoir photo shoot with Sarah. To say I was nervous and excited going in that morning was an understatement. She had two wonderful women there that did my hair and makeup. I never had professional hair or makeup done before so I didn't have any ideas, but they were able to take the few thoughts I gave them and translate their artistry beautifully. I felt like I still looked like myself, only ready for a photoshoot worthy of Vogue. Being a plus size woman, I was nervous stripping down to my undergarments in front of a camera and trying to be "sexy". Sarah eased my tensions the minute I walked in and as soon as we got into the studio to shoot, there was nothing but laughter and fun. I felt like I could be myself and didn't have to pretend to be someone for the camera. I sat in amazement when looking through the photos afterward at her ability to capture my personality in a picture. I had never seen it done so well before. And I didn't dislike a single shot she showed me, which says a lot. I dislike most photos of myself thinking I'm too big or this part of me looks bad at that angle. Sarah knew just how to pose me to show off my best assets and bring forward my true light. I did this for myself to show my beauty at this size and I believe all women should take the opportunity to celebrate their beauty, regardless if someone else will ever see these photos. Sarah will help bring that beauty that others see in you and put it out there for you to see as well."

"I was encouraged to show as much or as little as I felt comfortable with, without any pressure to do anything that I didn't want to do."


"I did a boudoir photo session with Sarah, and had a wonderful experience! I had a lot of ideas that I wanted to incorporate as far as theme and costuming, and Sarah really brought my ideas to life, with photos far more beautiful than I had envisioned or hoped for. Sarah and Grace are incredibly kind and friendly, and I felt comfortable and at-home in the studio from the moment I walked in. I was able to bring a couple of friends to hype me up, and the studio was filled with good music and some snacks, so the entire process was a lot of fun, without a dull moment. I was encouraged to show as much or as little as I felt comfortable with, without any pressure to do anything that I didn't want to do. This experience has been an enormous boost for my confidence and self esteem; I have never felt so comfortable in my own body. All of the photos turned out amazing, and I absolutely love them!"

"Her photos are such an art!
Would recommend her hands down!"


"Sarah was amazing to work with! I did a boudoir shoot with her and I couldn't be happier with the experience and photos. She made me feel confident and comfortable the whole time. She was definitely the best hype man I could've asked for. She was professional, but also funny and very down to earth. Her photos are such an art! Would recommend her hands down!"


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