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We photograph weddings for the love story. How did you meet? Where was the first date? How did he/she purpose? What's your dream wedding look, feel and even taste like?

All of these questions and more, let us know more about the two of you and what really makes you happy and connected to one another. That connection is what we strive for in everything we do. 

That connection and trust allows you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. You can truly relax and be present in the moment.

We don't want to be just another vendor on your list but a friend, trusted advisor and a listening ear. 

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With over 9 years of experience shooting weddings professionally, we’ve had the opportunity to capture hundreds of love stories that range from backyard weddings to black tie affairs, and everything in between. All lighting situations, all styles and all types of weddings. All are welcome here. 

Your favorite moments from your day are the ones that can’t be planned, can’t be choreographed, can’t be staged. Those real, genuine moments are the ones you never forget and could never live without. That’s what we’re here for. Those authentic moments are what make weddings so special and are why we photograph them. Sometimes those moments are funny, (like when grandma starts break dancing), sometimes they’re sweet, (like when dad sees you in your dress for the first time) and sometimes they’re epic, (like walking down the aisle, hand and hand, with all your guests cheering). When and wherever they happen, we can’t get enough of them!

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In order to provide the highest quality and have ampul time with our couples, we limit our weddings to just 15 weddings a year. We give our entire mind, body and soul on a wedding day in order to create an unforgettable experience and one of a kind photos. This also guarantees a quick turnaround on your photos too!

We want you to enjoy your wedding day, not looking at the time. Genuine, real moments only happen when you're not rushed or worried that something is going to get missed due to lack of coverage hours. For this reason, we don't limit the coverage on your wedding day.  We want to tell the whole story, from the early morning getting ready shenanigans to the late night, epic send off. We're there for it all. 

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We specialize in creating Mantel Moments - Breathtaking moments that are so timeless and unique that you can’t help but want to hang them above your fireplace. Each Mantel Moment is created purposely for each individual couple. We push ourselves to not only think outside the box but also ensure that no 2 couples have the same Mantel Moment. Everyone’s story is different so your photos should reflect that.

When it comes to the details, both great and small, we’ll help you plan them all. We will be there from day one, helping you create your timeline, giving you vendor recommendations and even going to your rehearsal so we're extra prepared for your day. We want to be a trusted resource for you, (not just about photography), so that your journey to the alter is enjoyable and stress-free.

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Our photography style is authentic, creative and timeless. We are a clean-edit studio that preserves your wedding day the way it actually happen. You'll never find filters or strange colors in our work. Your wedding should never be an instagram filter, it should look and feel like YOU. 

Considering having two photographers at your wedding but worry there will be an additional cost - not at SSP. We provide you with two photographers, all day long. This eliminates the worry of possibly a moment being missed and in turn, lessens your stress on the day. Grace and I have worked together since 2018 and basically speak telepathically because of how well we work together and trust each other.

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We live in a digital age and while that’s all fine and good, times will inevitably change and the current technology won’t be accessible forever. You don’t want your wedding day to be lost due to a faulty flash drive or computer crash. This, among so many other reasons, is why you need to immortalize your memories in an album. A gorgeous work of art that tells your story in a way that a digital gallery never could. And even more valuable is now you have something to show generations to come. A real, tangible representation of your day that can never been deleted.

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