Kaitlin & Joey – Engagement – Chesterton, Indiana

May 30, 2019

Oh my goodness was this a great day! Kaitlin & Joey were a blast to hang out with and of course photograph! With their plans of moving to Portage, Indiana after their wedding in August, it was only fitting that we pay homage to “The Region” for their engagement session. Yes I did just call it that. lol.


We started our day in Chesterton, Indiana at Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve. It’s a gorgeous nature preserve that has tons of cute spots for intimate and fun moments! I think the huge fountain was Kaitlin’s favorite and I agree.



Too cute!!!

I couldn’t pick a favorite ring shot so I picked both!





Next we traveled to downtown Valparaiso, Indiana where we grabbed coffee and got kicked off a set of stairs. After walking around downtown, I found this cute set of stairs that were connected to a restaurant. You know how much I love stairs so of course I had to use them in the session. Not 2 minutes later, the manager of the restaurant came out and politely asked us to leave. Somebody told on us… not cool. Oh well, that’s not the first time I’ve been kicked out of somewhere and it certainly won’t be the last. haha.




As the sun started to go down, we headed to West Beach in Gary, Indiana. We weren’t able to get there right when the sun went down but that’s okay… we braved the wind and cold weather to capture true night shots. It was almost spooky because the beach wasn’t open yet (too early in the year) and it was dark… thank goodness for Joey! Although when I mentioned this to him, his reply was, “It’s not humans to look out for but coyotes.” I don’t know if that made me feel better or worse. haha.


Thank you Kaitlin & Joey for a fabulous day together and I’m literally sitting on pins and needles waiting for your wedding!

Love, S

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