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October 9, 2019

I’ve known Luke and Laura since Luke contacted me back in July to capture his proposal to Laura! After that magical day, they asked me to photograph their wedding next June in Milwaukee. At first, they weren’t going to do an engagement shoot due to all 3 of us living in different cities and me being 4+ hours away. However, months later luck smiled on us when another great couple wanted to do their engagement session in Cincinnati. It all worked out perfectly!

We started our glorious day at Fountain Square in downtown. Luke and Laura danced here by the fountain on one of their first dates, so naturally we had to start here!

After a quick change of clothes, we headed off to Washington Park. This park proved to be a terrific place for pictures. It had a gazebo, play area, fresh flowers and cute park benches. I literally didn’t know where to start first. 🙂

The sun was poking in and out of the clouds all day but luckily I had my lighting guru (aka my husband) with me to shade these two from the 95 degree sun that was trying to beat down on them. Man-made shade was the only way these photos were able to happen. And my husband got an arm workout in the process… win-win!

Love their ring shot!!!

I may have gotten 7+ mosquito bites while hiding in the nearby bushes… but for these photos, it was well worth it! 🙂

Next came Celestial Hill overlook for a gorgeous view of the city!

Our next location was the ‘snake’, a park given the name for its shape. The views were beautiful down here and made for the perfect backdrop for Luke & Laura’s individuals.

This entire time we had a photo booming pigeon follow us along the shore. I named him Bob. Sadly I did not get a picture of Bob, haha.

We embraced the fall colors!

Last but certainly not least was our extremely epic shots down by the water. Luke took us to a little drop off area that allows you see the whole bridge, along with the city skyline. It was perfect and definitely epic! I think my favorite is the first image in this blog post. I can’t get enough… it’s even my screensaver on my personal laptop. lol. I might be obsessed. haha

Which one do you love?


Click here for their full gallery.

Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC


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