St. Pat’s Park Engagement – Anna & Aaron – South Bend Wedding Photographer

December 1, 2021

The last beautiful fall day this year was made just for Anna and Aaron! This amazing couple is getting married this coming June so we only had a small window of time to do their engagement session before it got too cold out. Anna and Aaron love the outdoors; especially with their adorable pup,Β  Hemi! They foster dogs but Hemi was too cute not to adopt. He’s full of life, very friendly and never met a squirrel he didn’t like. 🀣🐢

Their session started at the studio where Nidia of Blushing Beauty & Co. did Anna’s hair and makeup. This was the first time the 3 of us had met in person so it was nice to get to know Anna and Aaron better before we headed out for their session. After hair and makeup was done, we coordinated their outfits and then off we went to St. Pat’s!

When we arrived at the park, Hemi was already there waiting for us. Hemi and I immediately became best friends and the dog toy I bought him ended up in almost all the photos. 🐢

Hemi loved to give kisses! 😘

This was too funny not to keep! 🀣

After about 30 minutes of Hemi love, it was time for him to go home. I know Aaron’s poor arm was happy for the break. 🀣 We walked back into the woods where the sun light was creeping through the trees. Anna and Aaron were naturals in front of the camera and had no problem snuggling to stay warm. 😊

Show off that diamond! πŸ’Ž

The giggles were contagious! πŸ˜‹

So cute! ☺️

We walked around a narrow path to where a tree of wild berries was growing. The little spots of color give these moments a little something extra. πŸ˜‰


The wind was no help when it came to the ring shot. I wanted to use this small thistle branch but it was not easy keeping it study. However, totally worth the wait. πŸ˜πŸ’

The brown barn was closed so we had to drive around to find a place for Anna and Aaron to change outfits. By the time we found something open, the sun had already set. Not to worry, a little lighting magic and some imagination and boom… sunset photos! β˜€οΈ

Love the sunset reflection on the lake! ❀️

We drove over to the south side of the park to take full advantage of the covered bridge. 😊

These two are just too adorable for words! 😍

Swoon! ❀️

A quick walk to the tall grass where the giggles really popped out! πŸ™ƒ

And last but not least, a walk shot to end a terrific day! 😊

To Anna and Aaron – Thank you so much for a very fun filled session! It was so wonderful chatting with you both before and during the session and seeing how much you care for one another! There is so much joy in your relationship that it affects those around you. 😊 I’m thrilled to be your photographer and I can’t wait for your wedding day! All my love – S

To see their full session, click here.


Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

HMU: Blushing Beauty & Co.

Location: St. Patrick’s Park

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