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Family, friendship and red wine – Darcie & David – South Bend Wedding Photographer

Darcie and David’s story is truly one of a kind. They met back in 7th grade and though life took them on different paths, they remained friends until fate decided it was time to get these two love birds together. After David moved back to the area 2 years ago, they reconnected and quickly realized that there was something pretty amazing here. They are both close with their families and actually bought a house just 6 houses down from one of Darcie’s sisters. They both light up when the other one enters the room, they’re kind, caring and never met a glass of red wine they didn’t love. This is the story of Darcie and David’s wedding day. ❤️

The weather was one of those perfect July days; not too hot but full of sunshine. The day began at Darcie’s home where hair and makeup was just getting started. I prepared the invitation and rings for photos and then left Grace with Darcie as I took off to photograph the guys at Bob and Amy’s house.

When I arrived, I photographed David’s details so his brothers (and Bob) could help him get ready. The wedding band on the gold chain belonged to his father. I love the shot of David putting on the chain in memory of his dad.

A toast to David with a bottle of very old scotch. I told them they didn’t actually have to drink it since it was so early in the morning but clearly they didn’t have a problem with it. 🤣🥃

Sorry ladies, this ones taken! 😍

After David’s portraits, I left the boys just as lunch was arriving. When I arrived at Darcie’s, I started on her details. Her dress is so unique and made for the perfect backdrop for her details.

I’m obsessed with this ring shot. I placed all 3 rings on Darcie’s purse and the result was amazing! 🤩💍

Darcie’s mom and sisters helped her with her get ready for her big day. ❤️

These ladies never stopped giggling all day. So much love in the room. 🙂🥰

Darcie looked incredible and what better place to take her portraits than on their beautiful property by the water. 😍

First look with dad. So sweet.

Ceremony time! Nothing but smiles!

Paster Sally performed a beautiful service, along with David’s aunt Mary singing two songs and Bob’s wife, Amy, read the scripture.

Darcie and David exchanged vows and rings. 💍

It’s official! 🥳

Mr and Mrs Koerting! ❤️ I love the stain glass behind them. 😊

Family formals up on the alter.

Our awesome wedding party! 😊

And of course, the newlyweds! ❤️

David’s parents got married in this same church with that beautiful stain glass window. I wanted to pay tribute to his parents while also giving Darcie and David a unique portrait. I decided to do a silhouette because I wanted the colors of the window to be vibrant and bold and to do that, I couldn’t light Darcie and David from the front. Any light casted on the window would cause the colors to be blown out. So I had Darcie and David stand in a small section of the window and Grace stood behind them with a flash. The result, a stunning portrait with every piece of the stain glass illuminated. 🤩😍

With all the church photos done, it was time to go to St. Joe Farm. When we arrived, we found a beautiful spot in the shade to do all the wedding party photos. The guys went first and as you can tell, had no problem being themselves in front of the camera. 🤣

The ladies were up next! Darcie’s sister, Lezlie, was very excited about the walking shots. 🙂

Darcie and her three boys. They love their mom so much. ❤️😍

The whole gang. This was an amazing group to work with. I think they may have had more fun than 99% of any of the wedding parties I’ve worked with. 🙂

Too funny! 😂 😄 🤣

As the wedding party enjoyed cocktail hour, it was time for Darcie and David’s creatives. They were all smiles. 🥰

Their giggles were contagious. 😊

LOVE! ❤️ 💗

As cocktail hour ended, all the guests made their way into the event barn. It was decorated beautifully by Burns and Local Roots Floral Design.

Introducing Mr and Mrs Koerting!!! 🥳

Darcie and David went right into their first dance as husband and wife. ❤️

Let them eat cake! 🎂 🍰

As dinner was served, Darcie and David had a so many people that wanted to toast the happy couple. 😊

After dinner, David even stood up (on a chair) and thanked everyone for supporting him and Darcie and their journey to today. They are truly blessed. 🥰

Parent dances! Darcie danced with her dad first.

Then David and his mom got on the dance floor.

Party time! 🥳

As the sun was going down, I grabbed Darcie and David and we headed outside for their evening portraits. The sun fell so quickly that we only got these two shots but man are they gorgeous!

The perfect end to the perfect day! ❤️

To Darcie & David – Thank you for inviting us on this incredible journey with you! You and your families were so kind and welcoming and a blast to work with. I hope you love the images just as much as I do and I can’t wait to see how the Lord works in your lives in this next chapter. Congratulations my friends! All my ❤️ – S

p.s. Thanks for the two bottles of wine. 🤣🍷

To see their full day, click here.


Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

Venue: St. Joe Farm

Church: First Presbyterian Church of Elkhart

Catering: Navarre Hospitality Group

Hair: Family friend

Makeup: Ashley Urban Artistry

Florals: Local Roots Floral Design

Cake: Adam’s Cake Shop

Rentals: Burns Special Events

Dress: Marie Gabriela

Photo Booth: Center Stage Michiana

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