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Elegant Campus Engagement – Jess & Jake – Chicago Wedding Photographer

On the most beautiful May afternoon, Jess and Jake joined us on campus for their elegant engagement session. They will be saying, “I do!” in exactly 365 days from today in Notre Dame’s gorgeous Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Jess and Jake weren’t particular on locations on campus so we took our time and let the moments find us. This made the session all that more fun because we literally just walked around, talking and getting to know one another as we looked for that beautiful light. 😊

Our first stop was of course the Dome. Knowing that soon it will be covered with scaffolding, we wanted to ensure we got a gorgeous photo. Thankfully this will not be an issue for their wedding next May but a classic Dome shot never goes out of style. 🙂❤️

Jess’s white satin dress and nude heels were the perfect contrast to Jake’s navy suit. I loved that they went simple, yet sophisticated on their outfit choice. It also helped them stand out from the bright greens and golds of campus. 🥰

A short walk later, we took a break at the stone fountain to cuddle and and enjoy the summer breeze. 😍

We made our way to the library and I busted out the picnic blanket. Jake had a hard time sitting on the ground in a suit but Jess was right there to hold him tight. 😊

Our next stop was the Fitzpatrick arch that was full of blooming flowers. I loved the contrast of the pink bushes so I gathered up a handful of branches and nestled Jess’s ring in the middle for a romantic ring shot. 💍

That light is undeniable. 🤩

WOW! 🤩

Time for a quick snuggle under the arch. ❤️


Our journey took us to the other side of campus to Jess’s dorm, Lyon’s Hall. The original plan was to do a shot in the archway but the students had just moved out and left tons of trash all over the ground; so much so that we couldn’t shot around it. However, after stepping back and looking at the whole scene, I saw an even better shot that incorporated the arch and also showed off the entire building, (and free of any trash). I had Jess and Jake stand as close to the railing as possible as Grace lit them on the left and shot from the ground level. I love all the drama and the best part is, no one else has a photo like this! 🥰

Our day wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Grotto. We decided to save the lighting of a candle for their wedding day and opted for an intimate portrait instead. ❤️

Our very last stop was across the lake, near Carroll Hall. The sun was setting over the water which illuminated the Basilica and Dome. We first captured the moment from the overlook but then moved closer to the water’s edge with less trees.

Such a gorgeous moment! 🥹

It was the perfect way to end such a perfect session. 🥰

To Jess and Jake – Thank you for being so incredible and a blast to work with! It was such a pleasure walking around campus and chatting together. I can not wait for your wedding next year! I hope you love these moments as much as I do! All my love – S

To see their full session, click here.


Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

Hair: Blushing Beauty & Co.

Makeup: Ashley Urban Artistry

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