Their Perfect Timing – Jules & Chuck – Chicago Wedding Photographer

July 30, 2023

Life is all about timing. And that couldn’t be more true for Jules and Chuck’s love story. They met over 17 years ago at a party in college. They dated but the timing wasn’t right and life took them in different directions. A jump to 2021 and a random Facebook message reading, “Hey there!”, started them on this incredible journey.

For 3 months straight, Jules and Chuck would talk on the phone every night, completely smitten. So Jules decided to fly to Indianapolis to see Chuck and meet his family. I remember she told me that when she saw him at the airport, he looked exactly the same; like time had stood still. Then fast forward to June of last year when Jules moved to Indiana and her and Chuck bought their dream home in Plymouth. This is Jules and Chuck’s wedding day story. ❤ī¸

On a rainy Saturday morning, I arrived at their home to start details and check on hair and makeup. Jules and her bridesmaids were enjoying some English tea and listening to 80’s music… It felt like home. đŸĨ° After having a cup myself, I jumped into designing the flat-lay for their invitation. I’m obsessed with their color pallet.

I love all the detail in their rings. 💍

Jules looked like a goddess. ❤ī¸

Once hair and makeup was finished, the ladies and myself drove to the venue. The boys were already there and started getting ready. Chuck’s groomsmen made sure he looked his best for his big day. 😊

I honestly don’t know what this is. I told them to do a bro hug and this was what they did. đŸ¤Ŗ

Chuck was dueling out the swagger for his portraits. 😎

As the guys enjoyed some lunch, it was time to get Jules dressed. 👗

Cottie and Melinda were so excited to help Jules get into her dress. 😊

Could this gal be any more gorgeous!? 😍

Jules’ portraits outside belonged in a wedding magazine. The girl rocked it! 🤩

These flowers, wow! 😮 🌸

First look at the willow tree. Chuck’s face is priceless. ❤ī¸

Now it was time for their portraits together. These two were beaming from ear to ear. đŸĨ°

Obsessed! 😍😍

I’m speechless! đŸ˜ļ đŸĨš

The wedding party joined us outside for their photos. The ladies look like they’re going to an elegant tea party. I wanna come! 😊đŸĢ–

The boys brought the awkward and it was hilarious! 😂

Such a great group! 😊

As the wedding party freshen up, it was time for Jules’ first look with her dad. ❤ī¸

Just before the ceremony, we did family formals in the gorgeous ceremony space.

Ceremony time!

Winter added some flare when she tossed her rose pedals. I love the black and white photo from the side. 🌹

Doing a first look doesn’t take away the significance of this moment. Their reactions says it all. đŸĨ°

Chuck’s stepdad, Curt, officiated the wedding which just made the day even more special.

Gillian did the first reading, “The Union” by Robert Fulgham.

During the hand binding ceremony, Kenny (best man) “accidentally” grabbed the wrong binding item. 😉đŸ¤Ŗ

As Jules and Chuck bound their hands together, six of their closest friends and family read a special passage.

Jules and Chuck then exchanged vows and rings. 💍

It’s official! đŸĨŗ

Jules requested a reverse kiss which consist of me running behind them and getting their guests’ reactions. It’s such a cute idea but does take a little prep. 😉😊

Mr and Mrs Toscano! đŸĨ°

As their guests headed to cocktail hour, we finished up formal portraits with the wedding party.

Our beautiful Winter! 🌸

The newlyweds! ❤ī¸

We walked outside to capture the first few moments of the married couple. I’m obsessed with this blue sky and how amazing is it that the veil flew perfectly between the clouds! đŸĨ°

The Toscano’s! 😍

Jules and Chuck joined cocktail hour as Grace and I photographed the reception space. The tables were covered in wild flowers and greenery hung from the rafters. It was stunning! 🤩

Now that’s an entrance! đŸĨŗ

Jules and Chuck immediately went into their first dance as husband and wife. ❤ī¸

The backdrop is so dreamy! 🤩

After dinner, it was time for the speeches. There were many happy tears shed. đŸĨ˛

Then Jules and Chuck walked around to each table for a quick photo. 📷

Let them eat cake! 🎂

Jim, Jules’ dad, joined her on the dance floor for their father-daughter dance. 😊

Then it was Karen’s turn to dance with Chuck for their mother-son dance. 🙂

Party time! đŸĒŠ đŸ•ē 💃 (If you look closely, you can see me!)

I snuck Jules and Chuck back upstairs for a special photo in the ceremony space. With all the gorgeous flowers and drapery, it deserved one more special moment. I had Grace light them from behind to amplify the drama! 😍

As guests lined up for the big send off, Jules and Chuck shared a private last dance together. ❤ī¸

Before walking outside, I got this idea to stand on a chair and light Jules and Chuck from the side. Grace stood behind a pillar and I stood on my tippy-toes to get as high on the chair as I could. I wanted to get every twinkle light in the photo as possible. These photos are my favorite from the whole day! đŸĨ°đŸ¤Š

Jules and Chuck’s guests lined the parking lot and throw streamers in the air as they walked through. It was a very messy but epic send off. 😊

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Toscano! ❤ī¸

To Jules and Chuck – Where on earth do I begin, goodness. You two are such incredible people and Jules, you are my New Jersey boo! 💕 It was been an absolute pleasure working with you and I couldn’t be more grateful that you chose Grace and I to capture your journey. Now as your family grows, I get to be there and I literally can not wait. I know we have a long and amazing friendship ahead of us. All my love – S

To see their full day, click here.


Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

Venue & catering: Barns at Nappanee

Florist: Country Florist

DJ: DJStickyboots

Makeup: Allee Do My Makeup

Hair: Diana

Dress: Treats Bridal Shoppe

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