Mr. & Mrs. Hummel – South Bend Wedding Photographer – Swan Lake Resort, Plymouth, Indiana

August 23, 2018

What an amazing day! This is not the first time it has threaten to rain all day at one of my weddings. I seem to be known for it. The forecast called for thunderstorms all day long for our door ceremony but as luck would have it, soft clouds and 80 degrees… amazing! If you’ve never photographed a wedding before, let me tell you, soft cloud cover is basically the best weather you could ask for on a wedding day.

Anya and Ryan have such a unique love story. Both Alaskan born, living about an hour apart, would later both move to Indiana where they would be just 30 minutes away from one another. How cool is that… what are the odds? The Lord sure has a sense of humor sometimes. Having a mutual friend in common, their friendship blossomed into true love.

I’m so excited for their next journey in Virginia together as Anya continues working towards her bachelors and then PhD and Ryan protects are country serving in the Navy.

Love you both – S

Anya’s diamond is a family heirloom and the ring design was custom made at the jewelry store she worked for in Plymouth.

Ryan’s ring is from the same jewelers and has the wedding date and a love note from Anya engraved on it.

The guys found it funny that I had them tie Ryan’s shoes. Ryan enjoyed that a little too much. lol

I will never forget this first look. He loves her so much!




Swan Lake was amazing to work with and their gorgeous grounds gave us the perfect canvas.                                                          Not a dry eye.

We practiced this moment extensively… safety first friends!

My favorite shot without a doubt!

Ryan came in on the shoulders of his groomsmen to the song from Lion King… epic!

Anya did get cake down her dress lol!

Yes, Anya hid a bottle of Red’s Apple Ale in her dress. haha

Always end an epic wedding with an epic wide night shot!

Vendor Team:

Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

Venue: Swan Lake Resort

Hair/make up: Stacy Boren (family friend)

Bride’s dress: David’s Bridal

Groom’s Suit: Treats Squire Shop

Jewelry: Fernbaugh’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

DJ: Amplified Events

Florist: Linda Littiken (family friend)

Caterer: Swan Lake Resort

Cake: Cupcake Corner

Photo Booth: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

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