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November 10, 2018

Oh my goodness you guys… how exciting was today! I was literally shaking the whole time… and I wasn’t the only one!

Derek reached out to me a little over a month ago to help him surprise the love of his life (Olivia) with a gorgeous proposal at Notre Dame. They both are alumni of the university and now live in Chicago together. I of course jumped at the opportunity and couldn’t wait for Nov. 3rd to come!

Derek planned to propose in front of the Grotto which proved to not only be a beautiful spot but also great camouflage. Because so many people come to the Grotto to take pictures, I managed to blend right in… Liv didn’t suspect a thing.

Derek proposed and Liv couldn’t stop shaking and crying (happy tears of course). After she said yes, Derek accidentally tried to put the ring on the wrong hand. lol. The two embraced for several minutes. Anyone can see that they are truly in love. 🙂

Derek introduced me to Liv and she immediately gave me the biggest hug of life (no joke) and then we took some beautiful fall photos. The ones inside the Grotto are my favorite. 🙂 Liv kept apologizing for shaking and crying’; it was the sweetest thing.

After photos, I said my goodbyes and headed to my car. What Liv didn’t know was that was also a roost. I actually left to meet their family and friends at Tippecanoe Place for surprise proposal dinner!

The look of shock of Liv’s face was so worth running through campus like a crazy person to beat them to the restaurant. lol. Liv couldn’t hold back her emotion and immediately started crying again. Once she stopped shaking (sort of) we took several group pictures so that Derek and Liv could have these memories of who was there when they started the next chapter of their love story.

Derek & Liv – I wish you nothing but love and happiness! Thank you for allowing me to capture such a once-in-a-lifetime moment. <3 S

 Love love love this!

Love love love this!

 She could'n’t hold still she was so happy!

She could’n’t hold still she was so happy!

 The Grotto to ourselves. :)

The Grotto to ourselves. 🙂

 My favorite! <3

My favorite! <3

 Got to get the Dome in there!

Got to get the Dome in there!

 Such a great group of people!

Such a great group of people!

Click here for their full gallery.

Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

Venue: Tippecanoe Place

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