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Milwaukee Intimate Wedding – Luke & Laura – Destination Wedding Photographer

I’ve been waiting for this day for so long! The wedding of Luke & Laura… there’s literally nothing better!

From the day I met these two, we instantly connected and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know one another and sharing this incredible journey together. I first met these two in 2018 when Luke reached out to me to photograph his proposal to Laura. Then in 2019, they contacted me to photograph their wedding and I was over the moon! Their engagement session was last September in Cincinnati, Ohio where we created some truly epic images! 🥰

As planning for the big day continued, a little virus got in the way. Unable to do the big wedding they dreamed of, Luke and Laura opted for an intimate wedding at their church and a small dinner at Laura’s aunt’s house. They will, however, have their big reception next year and I’ll be there every step of the way!

I arrived at St. Alphonsus Parish early to photograph their details. The church was beautifully decorated and the colors complimented the wedding colors really well.

Gentlemen first! The church had this cute chapel in the far left corner that I thought would be perfect to use for the getting ready photos. It was big enough that we could all fit but small enough that it still had an intimate feel. The guys had no problem helping Luke get ready.

I’d say the best man, Matthew, had a little too much fun! 🤣

A very sweet moment with mom as she pinned Luke’s boutonnière.

The chapel had these beautiful glass doors that I thought were perfect to hang Laura’s dress from. Her flowers were gorgeous and matched the invitation to a “T”. Plus the biggest flower was sturdy enough to hold their 3 rings… love!

Laura’s mom and sister helped her get into her stunning gown. Her earrings gave us a run for our money but she eventually got them on. All too perfect!

Walking down the aisle. Laura was holding back tears while Luke was all smiles.

The speakers and readers for the ceremony. The Homily was done by Brian who did their marriage counseling. He made it very personal and I could tell that Luke and Laura enjoyed the message.

Vows and exchanging of rings.

The Blessing.

Mr & Mrs Culter! ❤️

Signing of the marriage license.

The Iglar’s and the Cutler’s.

Our fabulous wedding party!

First photos as husband and wife.


Laura’s dad let us use his Corvette as their get-away car from the ceremony. Very stylish!

We traveled to the botanical gardens just a few minutes from the church for pictures. The actual gardens were closed but the outside was so beautifully decorated that it didn’t matter. We got breath taking photos; I literally didn’t want to stop shooting.

Laura’s parents followed us to the gardens and jumped in for a few very cute photos.

Now my favorite part of the day… Creatives!

These two make my job so easy. You just put them side by side and magic happens. They love each other so much that I literally just have to click the button. They spoil me. 😊

Mr. Cutler at his finest! 😎

Could Laura be any prettier… nope, not possible!

Her eyes. 😍

The light, the pose, the love… can’t get enough!

I found this opening that I thought would be perfect for walking photos. There were zero clouds and the sun was right over head so I thought, “Hey, let’s embrace the sun.” And embrace they did!

The wind played tricks on us. It would blow these huge gusts of wind at the wrong time. I wanted the wind to catch the veil but the wind had other ideas. Luckily Laura’s sister, Sarah, was there to assist me in wind- wrangling. (Side note: Major thanks to Danny (Sarah’s fiancé) for watching my camera bag. You rock!)

We finished with our iconic lift and then headed to Laura’s aunt’s house.

When we arrived, the family had put together this beautiful reception area under a tent outside. The linens, the china and fresh flowers really gave you the impression that we were in an elegant ballroom. Luke and Laura were blown away.

Before leaving, we gathered everyone for a giant picture to remember the day. Even the dogs got into it!

To Luke & Laura – There really are no words that I can express to say how much you both mean to me and how honored I am to be have been apart of this wonderful journey with you. I’m thrilled that we get to do it all over again next year, surrounded by even more love and support. I couldn’t be happier for you both. Love – S

To see their full gallery, click here.


Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

Church: St. Alphonsus Parish

Gardens: Whitnall Park

Flowers: Laura’s mom

Reception location, food and decor: Laura’s aunt

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