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Chicago Winter Engagement – Abbi & Dom – South Bend Wedding Photographer

Chicago never looked so good! Last week, we traveled to Chicago for Abbi and Dom’s winter engagement session. After months of planning, watching the weather and coordinating multiple schedules, we were finally able to have the winter engagement session they were dreaming of. ❄️

Our day started at the studio with an official meet and greet. Since Abbi and Dom live in Texas, our only interaction was been through a computer screen so getting to meet face to face was so nice. We chatted about all their wedding details and then it was time for hair and makeup. Ashley of Ashley Urban Artistry did Abbi’s makeup while Nidia of Blushing Beauty & Co did her hair. These two are amazing at what they do; Abbi looked fantastic and her look lasted all day. 💄

We packed up the car and off the four of us went to Chicago. Beth Anne joined us as my assistant for the day which was a blessing because she had just been to Chicago and knew what streets and attractions were still closed. Plus she just plain rocks! 😎

Our first stop was Maggie Daly Park which is across from Millennium Park. The sun popped out which cleared away the fog making the beautiful skyline visible. It also made things interesting as there was zero shade and tons of white snow so needless to say, it was bright out. 😆

Right off the bat, these two were a delight to work with. The smiles beamed from ear to ear and Abbi couldn’t stop laughing when I had her kiss Dom. This is actually pretty common because normally you don’t kiss someone and hold it for 10 seconds in front of strangers so what follows is usually a lot of laughter. 🤣

The beautiful skyline was in full view and that blue sky made for the perfect backdrop.

Props to Abbi and Dom for climbing into this iron gate. What you can’t tell in the photograph is that it’s at least 4 feet high so we had to lift them up in it. They were up for anything!

Love the blue here! 💙

We were just about to leave the park when I saw this gorgeous iron pergola. They climbed into for me and then I stood on the opposite side to create an intimate feel. Plus the design gave the photos more visual interest.

We walked a block west to Millennium Park where the Bean was gated off but thankfully there wasn’t hardly anyone around so we still got a beautiful shot of it and Michigan Avenue. 🥰

We walked just a few feet over to my favorite spot in the park, the overlook. I’m sure it has an official name but I don’t know what it is, haha.

Killer color pallet! 😁

The snow was so deep so Dom carried our dear Abbi in the amphitheater. The beautiful white background made them pop off the page!

A short drive and change of clothes later, we started the second half of the session on the DuSable Bridge. We first stopped in front of the Wriggley building because those gold doors are hard to pass up. 😍

Loved Abbi’s hat!

We walked to the Wabash bridge where there was less people and I could get their ring shot without the worry of it falling into the water. Safety is the number one priority, especially when it comes to diamonds. lol 💍

I applauded Abbi and Dom’s ability to coordinate their outfit with not only one another but with the bridge was well. They said it wasn’t intentional but they’re just being modest. 😉

Our original plan was to go to North Ave Beach for their night shot but as the sun started to go down, Abbi and Dom decided they wanted to stay in downtown because of all the beautiful lights and big city feel. I couldn’t agree more and bonus… we didn’t have to find a new parking spot. 😆

We went back to get the light and then started the shots just left of the Wriggley building. The city lights painted a stunning backdrop for us.

Next a lift on the iconic bridge with all of Michigan Avenue in the background. 🥰

And last but certainly not least, a fun kiss under the “L” (subway), in the middle of the street. It took a minute to find the right moment but totally worth it! EPIC! 🥳

To Abbi and Dom – I’m so so glad it all worked out and you were able to have the Chicago winter session you were dreaming of! Even though it was a long day, I had a blast and we got some amazing photos and definitely created a memory or two. 😉 I can’t wait for your beautiful wedding this June!!! It’s going to be incredible! All my love – S

To see their full session, click here.


Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

Hair: Blushing Beauty & Co.

Makeup: Ashley Urban Artistry


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