Brunch Wedding on Campus – Cara & Brad – Notre Dame Wedding Photographer

July 17, 2021

I’m not a morning person but for Cara and Brad, I leaped out of bed at 4:30am, excited to capture their day! This adorable brunch wedding was full of laughter, happy tears and, of course, mimosas!

Cara and Brad met senior year in Jordan Hall, both majoring in pre-med. After graduation, they were in a long distance relationship before both settling in Philadelphia; Brad’s a med student and Cara is taking both graduate courses. So when it came time to plan the wedding, it was only fitting that they celebrate in the same place where it all began.

This amazing day started pretty early over at the guys’ AirBNB. As the groomsmen were getting ready, I photographed Brad’s details. All of his details fit so perfectly together that it probably was the fastest I’ve ever done details before. Love this close up of his class ring.

The boys had no problem jumping in to help Brad look his best.

Sorry ladies, this one’s taken!

I left the boys and went to see Cara and the girls. Cara had a Notre Dame yearbook with her that she wanted the details photographed on. I LOVED this idea! It’s super unique and made for a beautiful background! And how cute is that ring dish!!!

Cara gave each of her gals a hand written letter which brought several to (happy) tears. So much love!

The gals helped Cara with her finishing touches and then shared one last group hug!

Cara looked incredible and she was beaming from ear to ear.

Ceremony time!

Cara did a first look with her dad before the ceremony.

Just outside, Brad’s mom was pining his boutonniere on.

As the ceremony began, our super cute flower girl and ring bearer came down the aisle. The look on the ring bearer’s face is priceless.

Brad couldn’t hold back his tears as Cara came down the aisle. Such a beautiful and perfect moment.

The whole congregation sang as Cara and Brad ascended the alter.

Their ceremony had multiple readings, beautiful hymnals and a homily by Father Joe.

Exchanging of vows and rings.

Cara and Brad kissed after they exchanged rings as a sign that the wedding part of the mass has ended and that they are now husband and wife in the eyes of the Lord.


Cara and Brad took a flower to Mary in the Lady Chapel. This gorgeous black and white shot was taken by my assistant. Such an incredible photo that would be impossible without a second photographer. Moments like this are why I highly recommend two shooters to my couples.

The nuptial blessing.

May I introduce to you for the first time, Cara and Bradley Martin!!!

Cara’s veil kept falling out during the ceremony so of course it would do so as they recessed down the aisle. However, a guest quickly put it back in so they could continue down the aisle.

Formal portraits on the alter. Our awesome wedding party!

The Molulons and the Martins!

The newlyweds!

We had a few extra minutes so I brought Cara and Brad down into the aisle for some more intimate portraits. I’m obsessed with how they turned out.

Large guest photo on the steps!

Normally we’d begin family formals next but since we were having brunch, Cara and Brad decided to do all their photos first and then family photos after everyone ate. The light was incredible thanks to Levi, a groomsmen who held the reflector over Cara and Brad, keeping them in shade. Levi quickly became known as “Shade boy”. 🤣

Can’t get enough! All their photos were gorgeous!

This wedding party was a hoot-n-a-half! Everyone had a blast!

Cara and Brad walked down to the Grotto to say a prayer and light a candle. This was especially personal because they had done the same thing when they decided to start seeing one another. The Lord is a very big part of who they are and so they wanted Him to be apart of their relationship from the start.


Cara and Brad also went over and read the letter that Dr. Tom Dooley wrote to Notre Dame’s president, Hesburgh, about the the importance of the Grotto. Dr. Dooley was a physician and humanitarian that had attended Notre Dame back in the 1940’s.

Before leaving the Grotto, Cara and Brad sat on ‘their bench’ and shared a few private moments together.

On our way to Jordan Hall, we stopped at library for an epic veil moment, (like the one at the beginning of the blog). There wasn’t a cloud in sight so we embraced the sun with a smile.

Our last stop was Galvin Hall, another college of science building.

Cara’s sister Alyssa bustled her dress as I photographed this gorgeous flowers by Yellow Rose Florist.

Jordan Hall of Science was decorated beautifully with wild flowers and oranges. I especially loved the donut tower! 😉🍩

Time to party! Cara and Brad walked in and immediately sang the Notre Dame fight song with all their guests.

Before brunch began, Cara’s dad welcomed everyone and gave a heartwarming toast to the couple. Cara’s love of breakfast foods was one of his main topics.

As everyone finished eating, the families gathered outside for family formals. The Jordan Hall doors made for the perfect background.

Once brunch was over, Alyssa and Tyler gave their speeches and toasted the happy couple.

Time to cut the donut!

Since donuts are my favorite, I do believe this is the best ring shot ever!

Their first dance as husband and wife.

Cara danced with her dad to a mix of ballroom and hip hop.

Brad danced with his mom briefly before pulling his sister out onto the dance floor and inviting all the guests to do the same.

Dancing time!

After their last dance of the day, Cara and Brad shared a prayer with their guests and then sang the Notre Dame fight song one last time.

All the guests blew bubbles as Cara and Brad exited for the first time as a married couple.

Before leaving, Cara, Brad and I snuck around to the back for a few photos of just them with the Jordan Hall sign. Love these so much!

Our last photos of the day were of the wedding party. The guys were up first so we walked to Zahm Hall where Brad lived on campus.

The guys really enjoyed tackling Brad… maybe too much! 🤣

Across campus, we ended the day at Ryan Hall where Cara had lived during her time at Notre Dame.

These ladies were all about that sass.

We ended this amazing day with a large photo of the whole wedding party. First with the Notre Dame flag and lastly, with a pretty epic jump shot! Now that’s a prefect ending!

To Cara and Brad – Your day couldn’t have been more perfect and I feel so blessed to have been apart of it! I know the Lord has big plans for your future together and I can’t wait to hear how this next chapter unfolds. I wish you both nothing but love, laughter and many, many more donuts together! All my love – S

To see their full day, click here.


Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

HMU: Beauty and Bliss

Floral: Yellow Rose Florists

Ceremony: Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Venue and catering: Jordan Hall, VenueND

Donuts: Rise N Roll

DJ: In-Tune DJ Service

Video: Family friend


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