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A Domers Engagement at the Beach – Emily & Dan – Notre Dame Wedding Photographer

Emily and Dan’s amazing engagement session was something special folks! They flew in from Pennsylvania for their session that we had planned months ago. We had no way of knowing what the weather would be like, but mother nature smiled upon us because the weather was absolutely perfect. We even got a sunset! 🌅

Their day began at the studio for hair and makeup. Emily and Dan brought plenty of outfit options since they obviously couldn’t run home if they forgot something. Dan did, however, run across the street and grab a white tee from Kohls. 😉 As hair and makeup finished up, I helped Emily and Dan coordinate their 3 looks and then off we went to campus.

Emily and Dan wanted to focus on the lake area knowing that it’s not as easy to get to on a wedding day. From the moment we started, these two were naturals. If there were nervous, you’d never know it cause the smiles and giggles started and they never stopped. 😊🙂

So picturesque!

I had Emily and Dan hop on the path for these incredible walking shots. These two are pros at walking on camera! 📷

The ‘burrito’ spin led to this adorable moment. 🥰

Just behind us was a small willow tree that was on it’s last leg. I had Emily and Dan squeeze as close as they could to the tree and then Grace held some branches in front of the lens. Magic! ❤️🤩

No trip to the lake would be complete without a photo of God Quad in the background. The sun kept popping in and out of the clouds so I probably took 100 of these just so I could get the perfect one. 😊

So glad Emily and Dan wanted to do a piggyback shot! These are adorable!!! 🥹

We made our way to God Quad and of course we were going to show off that dome! Such perfect weather too!

This is what happens when you put too much spice on your ‘burrito’ spin. 🤣🤣🤣

We snuck in a quick kiss at the kissing tree. 🌲

And then sat down for a cuddle at Sorin. 🤗

Emily really wanted a formal photo at the Grotto. We were only here for 90 seconds but boy did we make those seconds count.

I shot through the railing of the prayer bench… Love! 💕

One more outfit change and it was time to head to the beach. As soon as we got there, I did the ring shot. I found this small patch of sand that had a lot of colored pebbles mixed in it. The different colored stones added more visual interest and made the ring stand out even more! 💍

The beach was busy, to my surprise, but no matter, we made plenty of great photo options. The tall grass is always a favorite of mine. I like the texture and color it brings the photos. And these two are just too cute! ☺️

So cute! 🥹

So precious! ❤️

I wanted Emily and Dan to walk along the path but the sun was so bright. No worries, Grace to the rescue with the reflector to block the sun and give Emily and Dan a beautiful glow. 😍

These are some of my favorites! ❤️

Last but not least, it was time to get in the water! The beach was packed so it took a minute to find a good spot to shoot. Dan and I rolled up our pant legs and in we went. I had Emily and Dan kick the water at me while they walked. It’s super fun for them and I love the water droplets in the air. 💦

So romantic. 🥰

To end their session, we had to get a sunset shot. As I was setting up the lighting, I noticed that the sun was in the perfect spot for a silhouette. I had Emily and Dan face each other so the sun could shine perfectly in between them! Nailed it! ☀️

And for the epic finish, a gorgeous lift and kiss as the sun set. Looks like a movie. 😍😍😍

To Emily and Dan – Thank you for such an amazing session! Grace and I both had a blast and the images are incredible! I wish your wedding day was sooner but I guess I’ll have to wait till May, lol. We are so excited to be on this journey with you! All my love – S

To see their full session, click here.


Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

Makeup: Ashley Urban Artistry

Hair: Blushing Beauty & Co.

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