Spring Engagement in Indy – Maggie & Patrick – Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

April 6, 2023

On a gorgeous day in March, Maggie and Patrick invited us down to Indianapolis for their downtown engagement session. Maggie and Patrick are both in school and residency, so it only made sense that we came to them. This May these proud cat parents will become Dr & Dr Jeffers on Notre Dame’s campus, their alma mater. This is Maggie and Patrick’s engagement story. ❀️

Grace and I arrived at the Indiana War Memorial in downtown Indianapolis. The sun was shinning and it was actually pretty warm for March. Maggie and Patrick arrived in their formal attire and were excited to get started. I’m not too proud to say that I was a little winded from climbing on those steps. 🀣

Maggie and Patrick brought the giggles and had instant chemistry in front of the camera. 😊

The wind made the ‘burrito’ spin a little more difficult, but Maggie and Patrick were up for the challenge.

What do you do when there isn’t a cloud in the sky… Embrace the sun of course! By positioning Maggie and Patrick away from the sun, the sun acted as a hair light which made each of these adorable moments glow. πŸ₯°

These two brought their A game when it came to squishiness. ❀️

We walked down what felt like 10,000 steps and headed off to our next location. After a quick outfit change, we arrived at the Lockerbie district that had actual cobblestone streets. The variety of textures and colors made for the perfect ring shot location. I’m sure the people that lived on that particular road where quite confused when they saw me kneel down in the middle of the street, photographing the ground. But it was definitely worth it for this shot! πŸ’

These two curled up for some much needed snuggles. 😍

The sun was in the perfect spot in the sky for sun rays. I love all these warm tones. β˜€οΈ

Our last stop of the day was in the Bottleworks district where Maggie and Patrick shared a pint together. 🍻

How adorable! ☺️

Another attempt of the ‘burrito’ spin – Success! 😊

Love! πŸ’•

I can’t handle all this cuteness! πŸ™‚

One last cuddle before the night shot. ❀️

When I was doing recon on the three locations, I was immediately drawn to the twinkle lights in Bottleworks square. I knew they’d make for the perfect night shot. I love how the lights lead your eye down the frame to Maggie and Patrick. 😊

The perfect ending to the perfect engagement. 😍

To Maggie and Patrick – I literally can not wait for your big day in May! Grace and I had an absolute blast with you on your session and I know your wedding day will be even better! So very excited to be on this journey with you! All my love – S

To see their full session, click here.


Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

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