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Elegant D.C. Engagement – Jordan & Jake – Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

It was a perfect spring day for Jordan and Jake’s Washington D.C. engagement session! I have to admit that I was over the moon when they asked me to come out to D.C. for their session. Jordan and Jake’s story began back in 2016 when they met in a mock trial class at the University of Notre Dame. Fast forward to now and they are living in the D.C. area; Jordan is an attorney and Jake is working towards his law degree at the University of Virginia. They’ll be getting married next June at the place where it all began, Notre Dame. This is Jordan and Jake’s engagement session story. ❤️

Our day began in Georgetown! Jordan and Jake picked Micky and I up from our hotel and off we went across the bridge to Georgetown. After a valiant effort to find street parking, we found our way to a parking garage and then set out on foot through the beautiful Georgetown neighborhoods. Georgetown became a city towards the end of the American Revolution which was apparent by the type of housing and brick-laid streets and sidewalks.

We first stopped in front of this huge patch of ivy that Jordan and Jake had found. That deep green made for the perfect backdrop. Jordan and Jake instantly felt comfortable in front of the camera. 😊

Love! 💕

There’s nothing like a walk on a beautiful spring day. These two nailed the walking photos on the first try.

I had Jordan run into Jake’s arms… So sweet! These two couldn’t stop smiling. ☺️

Everywhere we went, Jordan and Jake embraced the squishiness. 😍

I loved the colors of these particular row houses so what better way to incorporate them than a stroll (and piggyback ride) through the neighborhood. 🙂

We found our way back to our car and headed into downtown D.C. We parked at Union Station and Jordan and Jake changed into their formal outfits. A quick cab ride over to the Library of Congress was up first. The Library is not normally open to the public on Mondays but they graciously made an exception for us. We walked in and all I could say was, Wow! The architecture on the ceiling was absolutely stunning. I honestly didn’t know where to start.

Sunlight spilled in the second floor windows as Jordan and Jake walked around library.

Their ‘burrito’ spin was on point! 🙂

Perfection; can’t get enough! 🥰

Cuddle time! 🙂

Heavenly! ❤️

The ceiling at the Library of Congress is indescribable and I knew I wanted to show it off somehow. The only problem was, it was so tall which made incorporating it in the photos next to impossible. However, if I could get really low to the ground and have Jordan and Jake on the level above me, it just might work. With a little lighting help from Micky, we were able to pull of this incredible shot. 🤩

A little laugher on the steps as we discussed who was the better cook. Jake admitted that his cooking expertise ended at the microwave. 🤣

The beauty of having the Library of Congress to yourself… Plenty of space for a dance. ❤️

Back up on the second floor, I wanted a photo of Jordan and Jake with the Library of Congress sign. The beautiful marble columns gave such a soft, dreamy look to these moments. 🙂

That was such an amazing experience and the best part was, there was still more to come! We grabbed some caffeine and then walked to the U.S. Capital. We had a whole side of the Capital to ourselves; so lucky! The grandness of the location just added to the beauty of each moment. 😍

So precious! 🥹

I mean…. WOW! 😮

We walked back to Union Station to finish our indoor locations for the day. As we walked in, I saw that the east wing was completely empty. We peaked in and then went for it. The room was stunning; I was in awe. The architecture made me think of an opera house so I knew I had to bring the drama. I had Jordan and Jake dance in the center of the room while Micky lite them like a spot light. The result was breathtaking. 🥹

Back in the grand foyer, Jordan and Jake shared a hug or two. ❤️

We finished outside the entrance with a beautiful lift shot. 😍

Jordan and Jake changed into their last outfit and then we hopped back in the car and drove to the National Mall. The Mall was pretty crowded for a Monday but we managed to get every moment without a single person in the background. Jordan really wanted to recreate the bench scene from Notting Hill so we walked along the Mall until we found the perfect spot. Using a Google photo as a reference, I placed Jordan and Jake just like the movie. I LOVE how it came it out. ❤️

Once we got the famous shot, it was time for snuggles. 🥰

We walked up the many steps of the Lincoln Memorial and took a hard left to the gorgeous columns that line the entire monument. The light was heavenly and these two were perfect! 😍

Our final stop on this incredible journey was at the Jefferson Memorial. The cherry blossoms were just starting to turn but we managed to find a few trees that were still pink. I tore off a bundle of blossoms (which I’m pretty sure is a no-no) and set Jordan’s ring inside them. Perfection! 🌸 💍

The pink from the blossoms, mixed with the green and yellow tones of the park, created the most gorgeous place to shoot. These photos look like they came from a promotional catalog for the park. ❤️

So romantic! 🥰

Can’t get enough!

As we walked up to the Jefferson Memorial, we found it surrounded by fences and scaffolding. There wasn’t a clear shot of the sunset or even the memorial for that matter. No worries, all we had to do is turn around and the perfect last shots of the day were just along the water’s edge, with the George Washington Monument in the background. As the sun was setting just off to the left, the resulting photos made the perfect end to the perfect spring engagement session in D.C. 😊

To Jordan and Jake – Words can not express how thankful I am that you trusted me enough to bring us all the way out there for your session. Micky and I had the most amazing time and it was such a pleasure getting to know you both. I hope you too enjoyed the experience and love the photos as much as I do. I can’t wait for your wedding next year! All my love – S

To see their full session, click here.


Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC


Georgetown, Library of Congress, United States Capital, Union Station, National Mall and Memorial Parks, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial

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