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Rosemary & Greg – Notre Dame Engagement – Notre Dame Wedding Photographer

I was first introduced to Rosemary and Greg by the awesome Angie Anderson of Belle Behind the Ball Wedding and Event Planning! Rosemary and Greg are getting married at the Basilica next August with their reception at the Palais Royale.


After speaking to them on the phone, I knew right away we were going to be a great match! You know how you just ‘click’ with people right away… that was us! They currently live in Texas and were only going to be in town on September 1st and wanted to do their engagement session that morning. Luckily I was available so we set our sights on a beautiful sunrise session.

When it came time for the session, the weather had other plans. It thankfully just stopped raining but there was no sunrise or even sun for that matter. Since we couldn’t reschedule, it was time to get creative.

You all know I am the Night Shot queen, so I decided to use my lighting knowledge to create in a different way… to create a sunrise. Easier said than done since it’s daylight so finding the right spot to place the light is more difficult. I used an orange gel on my strobe and placed it to the right of the camera. On full power, it looks like the sun is beaming off in the distance.

To complete the look, I needed to add warmth and more clouds to the photos. In post, I warmed the images, cropped for composition and add soft clouds with a warm hue to give them illusion of a sunrise. Ta-da!

Rosemary and Greg were all giggles as we drove around Juday Creek Golf Course in our very own golf carts. Tyler of Juday Creek was gracious enough to give us access to the golf course so early in the morning and then supplied us with golf carts and a private tour of the grounds. It was heaven! Rosemary, Greg and myself all felt like celebrities! 🙂

With the rain holding off, we left for Notre Dame. Not only did Rosemary and Greg both graduate from Notre Dame but they both sang in the choir. The Basilica holds a very special place in their hearts and I was delighted that we could celebrate that!

Our first stop was the Grotto. I’m so thankful that they finished the construction so we could actually take pictures there without a bunch of equipment and fences in the way. They came out beautifully!

We walked along the water and stopped at the famous clearing where you can see both the Basilica and the Golden Dome.

Quick stop by Rosemary’s dorm where she lived for all 4 years!

The Basilica and Golden Dome Stairs came next!

Ring shot on the stairs of the Golden Dome.

Arches by the Law School!

Such a wonderful day! To see their full gallery, click here!

Photography: Sarah Sage Photography LLC

Locations: Juday Creek Golf CourseUniversity of Notre Dame


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